We are looking for an experienced shopify ecommerce landing page optimization professional to work with us on the ongoing projects. This includes analytics of the current data, searching for best conversion improvement solutions and creating new or optimizing current websites.

The project goal is to increase the conversion rate of our product landing pages by at least 30%.


  • Analyze historical data and develop a data-driven plan for improving our landing pages and checkout funnel;
  • Hypothesis generation and validation;
  • Implement changes and conduct A/B testing to optimize for conversion rates;
  • Optimize page content, design, copy and user experience to improve conversion rates;
  • Communicate progress and results with us;


  • Proven experience in optimizing ecommerce landing pages;
  • Expertise in Shopify and website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics;
  • Strong knowledge of A/B testing methodologies and tools;
  • Ability to analyze data and make data-driven decisions;
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills;
  • Ability to meet deadlines and deliver quality work

It is an exciting opportunity for an ecommerce professional with a passion for data-driven optimization. If you're a Shopify expert who loves to maximize conversion rates and deliver results, we want to hear from you!